Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Inspiration

I've discovered a new website recently. While visiting family my Mom showed me Moda Bake Shop. Once I started looking I was hooked! They have great free tutorials of all kinds. From quilts to toys and clothing. They also sell fabric as well. Yay! Here are a few things that I have on my to-do list.

The Candy Hearts Quilt


Image from Moda

I'm loving the hearts and ruffled edge. So fun and springy.

Spring Dress


Image from Moda

Aren't these dresses absolutely adorable? If I made these I just might go crazy and make enough for the entire neighborhood. Wouldn't you?

Fabric Paper Dolls


Image from Moda

I've seen these around before and wondered where to find the pattern. It was just like Christmas morning for me when I found this. I was so giddy with excitement I couldn't stop smiling. I am defiantly going to make some of these for my daughter. I am so loving the bag for all the pieces too. Brilliant!

Happy Crafting this week!

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