Thursday, November 17, 2011

Name Quiet Book

Yesterday was my Nephew's 2nd Birthday. I wasn't sure what to get him but after talking with a crafty friend about it I decided to make a Quiet book. I really enjoyed making this book. Maybe a bit too much. lol

For the cover I simply cut out his name in felt, ironed on some adhesive and then ironed it on the cover. I used this tutorial for the pages and book.

For K I decided upon a Kangaroo and an Owl for O.

I found a coloring page on google and used that for the kangaroo. For the owl I got the idea here. She has so many amazing quiet book pages! You need to check it out.

For D I just had to make a dinosaur. Inspiration found here. Then for A I found a image on google  for the Airplane.

The dinosaur might be one of my favorites. While sewing my husband came in and declared he wanted one on his backpack. lol
For the wrapping I used simple white packaging paper and tied it up with a scrap of fabric. I hope the birthday boy will love it as much as I loved making it. 


  1. The book turned out SO CUTE. . . . great job.

  2. So cute!! He's going to love it!

    Thanks for stopping by 52 mantels and leaving me a sweet comment!



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