Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tips for Organizing Toys

My daughter has lots of toys. A few months ago I wanted to do a different method for organizing all of them. My mom got us some cubbies with fabric baskets from Target. The great thing about these baskets is they are really tall and deep. So you can shove tons of toys inside.

We also took some pictures of what was in the baskets and printed them at Wal-Mart. I just put some velcro on the bin and the picture to attach it to the bin. This way my daughter sees the picture knows what's inside. Which is great because she can pull out what she wants and then knows which bin to put it in when she's done playing.

Another great tip I wanted to share was these tube thingy's. You can find them in the screw isle at Home Depot. I decided to use them for some of the smaller toys my daughter has. Like pom pom's and bugs.
Or for her crayons and colored pencils.
The great thing is they have different sizes. Which is perfect for crayons, animals or anything else you can think of. Now when my daughter wants to color I know where the crayons are. Super easy and a fun way to store toys. What's one of your favorite ways to store your kids toys?


  1. The screw containers look really wonderful. My son had lots of really small toys.

  2. The screw containers are just what I was looking for to store my granddaughters' crayons, markers, etc. I hope they still carry them! Thanks for the great idea.

  3. What are these screw containers called? Cant seems to find them on home depot's website.



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