Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Boy!

Last week I hosted a baby shower for 3 women in my neighborhood. Each of them are expecting boys in the next 2 months. For the gifts I decided to sew some rag quilt blankets. These were so fun and simple! Before I've sewn then in blocks but this time I did them in strips. It went so much faster! Each blanket took about an hour to make. I decided to get a book to go with the theme of the fabric.
One of my friends baked this cake. Amazing huh?

Have you seen those cupcake toppers? They are everywhere! But I didn't have the money to buy any. So I made my own out of scrapbook paper. I really like how they looked on top on the cupcakes.
I also made a dum dum sucker topiary. It took me a while to make it but I think it was well worth it. Don't you?
I decided to go with blue, yellow and green. For the menu we had Chicken Salad Sliders, fruit and cupcakes. Simple yet good.
I wish all the girls the best of luck and hope all continues to go well!

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  1. What can't you do?? You are SO amazing Jessica! And I'm so sad I missed out! Everything looks incredible!! And you'll have to add rag quilts to the list of crafts for all of us to do. Especially if it only takes an hour! What a perfect gift!! I miss you tons and have been meaning to call you every day! Hopefully today will be it! I miss ya tons!



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