Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fabric Addiction

So, I have a fabric addiction. I love the different colors, textures and varieties.

I've also learned a few secrets too. All of this fabric was purchased from Goodwill (or D.I.) for under $4.
I was on the lookout for carrot fabric for a future project. I scored big for only $2!
I've also found these great fabrics. I'm not really sure what they are going to be yet but they have potential.
I HAD to have these fabrics the moment I saw them. I am still trying to decide what to make with them.

I've learned that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get fun and unique fabric. Goodwill/D.I is a great place to get a bunch of vintage fabric for way cheap. I also love to check out the $1.00 yard section at Wal-Mart. I know they don't have designer fabric but you can get a lot for just a buck! Or they also have fabric remnants anywhere from $0.20 to $3.00
Hopefully these tips will help you and if you have other great fabric tips feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear some of your fabric secrets.


  1. I also shop thrift stores for fabric...I don't often find actual fabric, but I do find sheets, pillowcases, shower curtains, etc sometimes! I wish our Walmart still had their fabric section. They closed it down right when I started sewing! no fair! lol :D

  2. be careful of Walmart sale fabrics, they have a poor thread count and don't hold up well after several washings and certainly aren't a true weave which is important for quality quilting. Sale fabric can be used for crafting if washing isn't frequent.



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