Friday, August 27, 2010

File Folder Games

When I was little my Mom had some File Folder Games for us to play with at church and other places. Each folder had something different like matching faces, shapes or something like that. I've been wanting to make some for my daughter to practice her matching skills. So, I did some research online and came up with some really cute websites that have file folder games.

Ice Cream Scoop Matching
I think this one has to be my favorite. You match up the colors of ice cream.
On this website you can choose to print them in color or black and white. I chose to do color because I didn't feel like coloring all those ice cream cones myself. They also have cover pockets that tell you what game it is.

Puppy Matching Game
My daughter LOVES puppies so when I came across this game with pictures of real puppies I knew she had to have it!

I just bought this folder keeper at the store for a few dollars. A nice and sturdy place to keep them all in.
Here are all the games that I made. Tucked away nicely in there own folder and spot. Do you know of a toddler or little one that needs some File Folder Games too? All you need to do is check out the websites below pick out which games you like. Print them out. Glue and laminate and then attach velcro to the matches. Simple, easy and inexpensive!

Here are the websites I used: I got most of my games from this website. Including the ice cream and puppy matching game. What I love is that they have games for children up to second grade and they are all free! I also used a lot of these games. They have some great LDS matching games. For these ones I just printed them in black and white and colored them myself.

I hope this inspires you to make some for your children. They are fun, easy to make and very inexpensive. My daughter LOVES them!


  1. Cute, Jess! I don't know if Sophie's old enough for this one yet, but "Don't Eat Pete" was always my favorite.

  2. Cute blog Jessica. I love your felt rose headbands, beautiful!

  3. Can't go wrong with file folders to keep kids busy. Thanks for the links it was cool to see some for older kids too.

  4. OK, I'm officially addicted to your blog. I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile. Thanks for posting all the great links. DEFINITELY going to do this soon. :)



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