Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hair Clips

The past few days I've been making hair clips. My sister told me she needed some and I decided to try a few different techniques.

Silk Flower Hair Pins
Have you seen these floating around on Etsy? They are everywhere! I finally decided to give them a try. All you need is some silk and a candle and something for the middle, beads or a fun button. There are tons of tutorials online you could follow. Just do a google search. I used one similar to this.

Fabric Circle Hair Clips
I also have tons of plain fabric that I decided to cut in different sized circles. Then I went through some of my beads and sewed them in place. When you are done you can attach it to a bobby pin or a clip. Now go ahead and make some for yourself. Each flower can be done in less than 5 minutes. A quick and easy craft.


  1. SEW cute. I love the silk ones.

  2. Those are super cute! I think I saw a tutorial for those on Make it and Love it a while back? Hmm. I need to make some!



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