Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colors Quiet Book

As you all know I LOVE making quiet books. There is just something about the little pieces and the different kinds you can make that is addicting. When I was little I had a farm quiet book and I LOVED it! I would put the felt animals on people's sweaters at church and on the bench in front of us. Maybe that's when this love for quiet books started.
I made this Colors Quiet book for my daughter last year. My very first one! Since then I have made two others and I think my sewing skills have improved quite a bit but I just thought it would be fun to share it with you.

Colors Quiet Book
For the cover I went through my scraps and tried to pick out each color I used in the book. I really love the different colors and patterns.
For the pages I just used white felt and then used heavy interfacing and sew the pages together.
I wanted to use items that my daughter liked at the time. I also hand stitched all the colors and then sewed them onto a piece of fabric that matched the color.
The fish bowl is my favorite page. Later I decided to add a back to the fish to help with durability. You can also take the fish in and out of the bowl.
My daughter LOVES ducks so I knew that for yellow there would be ducks.
Green Frog
Blue bird
It seems that every quiet book for purple they do grapes. I hand stitched the grapes on at first and learned later how bad an idea that was. I plan on making some new grapes with velcro.
For Brown all I could come up with was Chocolate Ice Cream with a cherry on top.
Pink Flower
For the back cover I hand stitched a little message to my daughter.
I had a hard time figuring out how to bind this book. I didn't know about grommets at the time so I just punched holes in the pages and used metal rings to hold the book together.
I then took some of my leftover scraps and tied them in knots on the rings. For this being my first ever quiet book I think it turned out great don't you? There are a few pages that I need to fix but that's how we learn right?


  1. Such a cute idea! Thanks for the encouragement on the advent calendar! We will triumph :). Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out! Your earrings are super cute by the way!

  2. Super job! I snerked when I read your grape comment - I made an abc book and was going to use a Goose for g (since that's my daughter's nickname) but I couldn't hack so many tiny pieces so I did grapes. [you can see my ABC book here] I was a pretty new stitcher when I did this project and I couldn't believe how much I improved from start to finish - there was a lot I wanted to go back and re-do, but I knew it'd take forever if I did. Thanks for sharing!



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