Friday, December 17, 2010

Yarn Wreath

I'm sure you've all seen those yarn wreaths before. When I saw them I just knew I had to make one. So, I went to good old D.I. and picked up a straw wreath for $0.50.

I decided to use gray yarn that I already had on hand.
Then I made some white felt flowers.
I decided to hang it by our family pictures and I just LOVE how it looks.
I'm thinking it needs some more roses though. What do you think?
I also wanted to be able to switch out the flowers for different seasons. So instead of gluing them to the wreath I just attached them with pins. I attached the ribbon the same way and just used a push pin to hang it on the wall. This was really easy and lots of fun to make. Now I want to make a whole bunch of wreaths in tons of different colors. If you'd like to make one too here's a great tutorial. You could also do a search on Etsy to get some ideas.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. It's a great idea to make it so you can switch out things for seasons.



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