Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Top Knot Hats

I found this tutorial for some cute baby hats and just had to make them. My son is still pretty little (he'll be 3 months old next week) and the hats you can buy at the store are either too small or way too big. I got the tutorial from Prudent Baby.
For this hat I used their one knot and just used a old knit t-shirt.
I also made one that has two knots on the top. But it isn't knit fabric and won't fit over my babies head. :) So make sure that you use knit fabrics. ;) I really like how they turned out and can't wait to make some more.
The great thing about these hats is that I just used old shirts and only had to sew one side. All together I think they took about 5 minutes.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Hey Jessica! It's Brittney! So I have seen your blog a few times and now i'm obsessed. You are so darn creative and cute with all your projects. I just started making one of those car seat canopy things for a friends baby shower. Totally was inspired by your adorable one! Hoping it works out! I have our family blog but i'm working on putting together my craft blog. I've been making baby bows forever now. Keep up the creativity!

  2. Also, where do you often buy your minky material for the undersides? I have just tried at Joanns and it's pretty expensive at $12 a yard. Any suggestions?



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