Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I admit. I am Horrible when it comes to budgeting. I've tried writing it down, using Excel and keeping a binder of every receipt and payment. But nothing has worked. I really want to budget but haven't found something that works. Last night I came across this website Mint. Basically what it does is helps you budget and it's Free! All you do is go on and make an account and then add your bank accounts and credit cards. I can't tell you how many times we check all our different accounts. Not anymore! Mint has it all right there for us. So we know how much money we have in all our accounts just by looking at one website.
Plus, it automatically adds what you spend into your budget categories. It's been really helpful for me so far. Now I know how much we are spending and I don't have to enter in any numbers or do any math. If you need help budgeting I would suggest trying Mint. I'm hoping this will help me take control of our finances.

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