Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antique find and Daisies

I've been on the hunt for some blue ball mason jars to use as vases. I went to our local antique shop and asked if they had any. They took me back to one of their buildings where they had boxes & boxes of these jars. I got two for $4! A large one and a smallish one.

 I also learned that the jar above was made somewhere between 1896-1923. You can tell by the way the word "Ball" is written :) interesting huh? The other Jar which happens to be a bit smaller was made from 1923-1933. But the color is the best part! Who can beat this "Ball Jar Blue"?
 It's the perfect centerpiece for our table. 
I also found that awesome lace edged plate along with a beautiful little blue antique table (pics to come later) at a local shabby chic consignment shop. Home Again Consignment. Isn't it a cute shop? We went to the Sugarhouse location and loved it.
What are some great finds you've found lately?


  1. WOW!! 2 of them for $4!! That sich a GREAT deal!! Those sweet flowers look perfect in there too :) I haven't been thrifting in a while and I am dying to go!

  2. great finds! I love those jars, they are so gorgeous and look wonderful with pink and white flowers in them :)



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