Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Halloween Decor

I just thought it would be fun to share my Halloween Decor. I found this mantle at a yard sale for $5. It was red but I decided to paint it white. 
I made a candy corn banner using some burlap and paint. Super easy!
 I also found this Halloween Printable online and mod podged it to some wood I had from a cabinet.
 My husband loves vintage books. I took a few and put them on the mantle and filled a fun jar with some candy corn.
 These pumpkins are my favorite! I've had them for years and just love them.
 I also have these fun Trick or Treat blocks. That green canvas has been blank forever! I don't know what to put on it? Any ideas? Vinyl doesn't stick great to it so it would have to be something I paint on.
There you have it. A fun and simple Halloween Mantle. :)


  1. I really like the candy corn idea. You always seem to have an eye for what goes together. . . it looks amazing.

  2. Great find on the mantel!

    Love your candy corn banner - - really like that it's different from other garland that I keep seeing.

    If you want to go with a fall look on your canvas, you could arrange some leaves on it and then lightly spray paint over them & remove the leaves. It would give the canvas a little something for now and be easy to change if you get tired of it.

    Found you via A Little Tipsy. :)

  3. Thanks for linking up to Point of View, Jessica! Your candy corn banner is adorable :) I featured it on my blog today...




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