Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book Page Decor Tutorial

Every time I got to my Sister in laws I always notice these cute book page decorations. Last time I as over I finally asked her how to make them. 

Just in case you want to make some too I made a quick tutorial. 

Book Page Tutorial

Supplies: A paperback book ( I just used one I had lying around the house no one reads)
Glue Gun

Now, let's get started! Use your scissors and cut off the books covers.

Then you take a few pages in your hand....
 and fold them over. Repeat.
 The pages will get really poufy. Just smash them a bit with your fingers. 
Like so.

Keep folding and squashing until you've finished with all of the pages. It will look like this when you are finished.

Just use a bit of hot glue along one the end pages and glue them together. Then do some more smashing, moving, and fixing until you get it how you would like. 

Voila! You are done. Super easy and really quite cute. You could also tie some festive ribbon around them. I just didn't have any on hand. 
 Now go and find a book and get started. You'll be glad you did. :)


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  2. Cool book decorations...Debbie had some things like that in her house this year too except she put a stem on top and cute more of a circle out of the book to make a pumpkin.



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