Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scrappy Doll Dress

My daughter is way into Dolls and Babies right now. Everytime we go to the store we have to go and look at all the baby dolls. Last week when we were at D.I. ( goodwill) I saw this adorable little doll. But she didn't have any clothes or a price tag. I thought that if the price was right I would just make her a few outfits. The checkout lady told me $0.50. I couldn't pass that up! Could you?

After a good wash and a new hairdo she was ready to be fitted for her dress. I went through my baskets of scraps and decided on these two fabrics. I added the polka dot on the bottom because the dress was a bit too short.
As for the straps I tried to use some of the polka dot fabric but that didn't work. Then I saw my box of ribbon and had a "Aha!" moment. Why not just use ribbon? Genius huh? (I thought so.)
I also wanted her dress to come on and off easily. I just used some velcro and sewed it in certain spots on the back. That's it! Pretty easy huh? I'm going to try and sew her some other outfits because a girl needs options right?

The best part is that the entire project cost me $0.50 and I was able to use up some of my fabric scraps. A win win for me and my daughter.

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