Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flannel and Chenille Blanket

If you can't tell I've been thinking about the baby lately. Since I finished sewing all of my daughters Christmas presents I'm now starting to think baby things. With this being our first boy we don't have that many blankets and clothes for him. Having a husband in nursing school money is tight. So I've decided to just make him things. Which I think is much more fun. Plus it's saving us money.

For this blanket I used some chenille that I found at a yard sale for $2 and some remnant fabric for about $3.
I was just going to do a straight stitch around the edge but remembered that my new sewing machine has decorative stitches. I love the squiggly stitch don't you? I also decided to use light green thread as a contrast.

It's so warm and cozy, perfect for a winter baby to be snuggled up in. If your wondering how to make a blanket like this there are plenty of great tutorials online. Just do a google search.


  1. Oliver is going to be so cozy in his new snuggle blanket. . . .great job.

  2. I hope your car seat cover comes out well! Your blog is darling, so much fun stuff.

  3. That blanket looks so snuggly - makes me want to find some fabric and make a bit one for me.



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