Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been doing preschool in the mornings with my daughter. But have been running out of things and ideas to do for her. I've really been wanting to have some fun flashcards for her to look at but couldn't find any that I liked. So the other day I did a google search and found this amazing website called Mr. Printables. They have a bunch of free printables for Kids, Mom's and Dad's.

Here are the flashcards that I made.
Here's how I made mine: I printed off each set of cards onto cardstock. Then I used my laminator (best Christmas present ever!) and laminated all the cards. Then I cut them out, punched a hole in the corner and attached a metal ring to them.
But the flashcards looked kind of dull to me so I spruced it up with some ribbon.
For the ladybug counting I decided to use red and white ribbons.
For the alphabet I just used a bunch of random ribbons. I really like how they turned out. Don't you? Plus my daughter LOVES looking at them and saying what's on the cards. These would also be great to keep in your purse for when you need a little distraction for the kids.
If you'd like to make your own head on over to Mr. Printables.


  1. Thanks for sharing this fun spot. I LOVE the cards and am envious of the laminator. I think the best part is the ribbons you added. It's so much fun to learn.

  2. What a great idea to punch a hole and use a ring to keep them together. My daughter lost some of her flash cards so we only have about half of the ABC's. I think this would be great for roadtrips.

  3. These are GREAT! So pretty and the ribbon gives it that extra bit of sweet :)

  4. You are SO amazing!! And I can't wait to check out this site! Thanks for sharing!



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