Saturday, January 15, 2011

A girly I Spy Bag

For Christmas I made this I spy bag for my nieces. For the objects inside I used old buttons and little knick knacks from my stash.

I also made a little card that has everything in the bag. I wanted to laminate it but instead I just used that clear plastic stuff and sewed the card inside.
I attached a metal ring to a piece of ribbon and punched a hole in the card so it can be removed for younger children that can't read. They love just looking at the items too.
I've been saving this heart fabric for something. This was just perfect!
Here is a list of all the items I put in the bag. I wanted to have lots of items in there and I wanted it to be challenging as well. It was a huge hit! My nieces LOVE it!
I also made one for my daughter but need to finish filling it. I'll post pictures of it when I finish.
If you want to make a I spy bag too a great place to look for items to stuff your bag is on ebay. I bought a random assortment of buttons and things a while back and used a lot of those for the bag.



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