Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spray Paint Project #1

I wear lots of post earrings. But I always loose them. I bought a earring holder for Christmas but it was hard to put the stud earrings on there and I just wouldn't do it. 
I went to D.I. to look for a old muffin tin and candlestick holder and found this instead.
The Before:
 It was perfect! Just what I needed. The best part? It was only $1.50! I brought it home and promptly cleaned it up. I thought I would just leave it as is but after a while the shiny silver bothered me. So I decided to spray paint it!

 I took it apart and started painting. 
 I used Krylon Peekaboo Blue and Bright White.

The After:
I had so much fun using spray paint. I might have gotten a bit carried away and spray painted a bunch of stuff. :) This is so much better than lost earrings and I love the blue and white contrast. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what else I spray painted.


  1. Awesome. I made this zen tree thing for mine.. but Same thing.. I can't be bothered to "hang" things.. how lazy am I????

    LOVE this idea.

  2. Ooh good find! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!



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