Friday, July 29, 2011

Chair Re-do

Hello Everyone! So sorry about the long break in blogging. Moving sure throws you off your schedule. I have some fun projects I am working on that I'm super excited to share with you.
Until then I thought I would share our kitchen chairs we re did. These are from before my craft blog in 2007 but I love them so much I thought you all might want to see them too.

I found these great ladder back chairs at a friend's parents garage sale. I loved the architecture and how small they were. I saw lots of potential. After much debating we bought all 4 chairs for $100.

We decided to stain them a dark cherry looking color. This took forever! If I would do it again I would suggest not doing it in your unfinished basement. It stinks up the entire house!
Voila! Isn't she pretty? As you can see it is a beautiful blue warp with a natural white weave, woven in the ever-popular "checker board" pattern. Though many of you may have doubted that I would ever get the seat woven (it did take about 4 months from date of purchase to finished product) here it is and it is even sittable or seatable (if either of those are words consider yourself lucky.)

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  1. So glad you finally have a place to enjoy your beautiful chairs.



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