Friday, September 30, 2011

DIY- Gallery Wall

I've seen Gallery Walls everywhere and really wanted to have one for our house. I just used thrifted frames in a variety of shapes and sizes and spray painted them. 
 This frame has to be my favorite. I love the detailing!

I decided on using Rustoleum Spray Paint. The color is Aqua. I love it!
To hang them I just used thumbtacks. I'm not very good at hanging pictures. I usually make way too many holes. :) 
If I find any other fun frames I can just keep adding to it. I was thinking of printing off some family pictures in black and white and putting them in the frames. Someday that will happen. But for now they will just stay empty. 


  1. Very cute! I hang all our pictures with thumbtacks as well. Mostly because rent and don't want to leave holes in the wall.

  2. PRETTY!! I love the color and layout. Great job :)

  3. Cool pictures wall I want one of those in my house someday! Don't forget the pictures in the frames :)



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