Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Simple Menu Board

I love to cook. I plan a menu each week but if I don't display it for everyone to see then I always get the "What's for dinner? question right around 5. It really helps to have written down what's for dinner so you don't get asked this question all day long. :) Plus, it's a good reminder for me too.
I've tried different menu boards but it just wasn't working. So I took matters into my own hands and made a new one. Hoping this time I will stick with it.
I found a cork board at D.I. for about a dollar. I was going to use it in my sewing room but decided to use it for my new menu board instead. I painted the entire thing white. I then used my Silhouette and cut out a chevron pattern. Then I just taped it on and started painting with leftover paint from the kitchen buffet.
 I also found this cool vinyl menu from here. Mine is the chalk vinyl.

 I wasn't sure if it would stick to cork. But it does. 
I think I will stick with it this time. :) *fingers crossed*


  1. I'm comin' over for DINNER. . . .looks YUMMY and I love that part of your kitchen. I'm inspired!!!!!

  2. Super cute with the chevron and chalk vinyl! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $15!

  3. Super Cute!! It was great Meeting you last night :)!!



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