Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organizing Fabric

Let's face it, as a crafter we all have TONS of fabric. I have lots of random scraps that were just sitting in a box. During the summer I found these awesome wire egg baskets for $1 a piece. Score huh? These baskets sit under my sewing machine desk and hold all those scraps. I really love how I can still see all the fabric. Fun huh?

Here are both of the baskets. The orange one holds all the small scraps and the silver one holds the bigger scraps.

As for organizing my fabric before it used to be in plastic bins under my bed. But since moving I had these door organizers and my Mom (thanks Mom!) suggested that we double them up over the door and put all my fabric in them. I LOVE it this way! Now I can see all the fabric I have and it takes up no space at all. No bins under the bed anymore for me.
Do you have any ideas and ways that you store your fabric and scraps?


  1. Oh love this! I keep all my little pieces folded up like index cards in some bins from the dollar store. Thanks for all your comments!

  2. I'm coming over to use some of those fun scraps of leftovers. . . . it looks awesome and is so much fun to have it handy when you need just a "little something" for your project.

  3. What a good way to store fabric, I have been looking for unique ideas. One of my goals is to get my crafting "stuff" organized so it's easier to craft. I finally got my ribbon under control this is what I did for it.



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