Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tree Skirt

I have a confession. In the 4 1/2 years I've been married we have never had a tree skirt. I remember buying the fabric to make one about 3 years ago but never made it. Until now. When I pulled out the fabric I was surprised to find out that I already cut out the pieces. All I needed to do was sew them together. A super easy project that took less time than I thought.

Our Red and White Christmas
I've always had red and white as my Christmas colors and I LOVE it! Another fun tradition we did this year was cut down our own Christmas tree and yes I hiked in the mountains 9 months pregnant looking for the perfect tree. I don't recommend doing it but I had tons of fun.
Doesn't the tree skirt look so nice under the tree? I love that it matches the polka dot bows on the tree.
I don't remember where I got the fabric but I LOVE it! Now my tree is complete.


  1. You hiked 9 months pregnant to get a tree? That's dedication! Next Christmas, and for years to come you will have one very cool story to pass on to your little one! :)

  2. The tree looks PERFECT. I'm amazed at your adventure of cutting it yourselves but how fun will it be to share that with Baby Brother.



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